Athlete Leadership Program (ALPs)
        “The freethinking of one age is the common sense of the next.”
                                             Matthew Arnold 1875
In 1968 when Special Olympics began, the idea that people with intellectual disabilities might be able to compete in Olympic-type sports training and competition was considered “freethinking”.  Today, it is common sense. Through sports, Special Olympics empowers people with intellectual disabilities to achieve unimaginable joy, acceptance and success. As their lives begin to open up, athletes seek new challenges, and new ways to utilize their experience and the lessons they have learned.
Special Olympics Athlete Leadership Programs (ALPs), allow athletes to explore opportunities for greater participation in our movement beyond sports training and competition: as coaches, officials, team captains, spokespeople and Board and committee members.
These leadership roles give maturing athletes a voice in shaping the Special Olympics Idaho movement, and a chance to spread the word about the remarkable transformations Special Olympics can bring about in individuals and families. ALPs also provides a way for athletes to showcase talents and interests that may have gone unnoticed.
Be a Part of the Vision
Initiatives like these are not token positions; they are an integral part of the Special Olympics movement. Athlete leaders help Special Olympics leaders stay in touch with athletes’ interests, so that we can ensure that our programs remain vital and attractive to the people we are trying to serve. At the same time, ALPs offers opportunities for athletes to pursue specialized training that can help them develop in new areas of their lives.
Through ALPs, athletes can train to become;

  • Speakers through Global Messenger Training
  • Serve on the Board or other committees through Governance Training
  • Become a Volunteer

If you are an athlete or know of an athlete ready to take on this role please contact Shanna at
These programs cannot exist without the support and dedication of speech coaches and mentors, those willing to assist athletes in realizing their true potential!  If you think you might be interested in serving as a mentor or would like more information, please contact Shanna at   

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